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ARCHIVE - Passport Control 1-41 - MEDIAWAVE Art Workshops :: PASSPORT CONTROL 22 - MEDIAWAVE Summer Art Camp - 2-7 August, 2011, Kisharsány, Hungary :: WHAT'S PASSPORT CONTROL?



 International Art Workshop

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What is Passport Control?

Passport Control is an independent project of Mediawave Foundation have existed since 2006, however it is occasionally and continuously modified according to the creators’ need.

The workshop is usually made up into three components: art leadership, young and entrant artists and beginners. Leaders are selected by their previous preferences parallel with the aims of actual projects. Young, entrant artists for different sections are generally involved the projects by official invitation. Beginners and others can only apply for these projects in terms of condition.

The works of artists are under the control and coordination of the leaders. The artist is responsible for his or her own product while the beginner directly learns and practises everything working as an assistant. The leaders do not teach personally much. They rather control and lead the whole project in artistic way as moderators and consultants; sometimes they complete their suggestions in lectures as well. During the working process (e.g.: shooting, photographing, rehearsal) the young artists should also teach their own assistants.

Incitement for cooperation and international background together make Passport Control Art Workshop unique. Everything is done in practise and team work. Thus, participants learn progressively in community and acquire only the useful things they need from the beginning. Under this cooperative work, they have opportunity to find exact areas in art where their creativity can fully be developed. For this, international background is provided. Consequently, the young artists become open-minded with having extensive breadth, are capable of searching for new things and find other national, European and international values and facilities.

The first Passport Control Workshop was in spring of 2006. Its aim was mainly to invite young artists to find cooperative workmanship at an international level. The very first themes were about travelling, the borders and cultural distances against common values when finally the name Passport Control was born. The workshop’s existence depends on its community using every element of cultural diversity and has source of inspiration.

Who is Passport Control for?


It is for people between the age of 16 and 30 and for young artists:

• - who are trying to find new and creative ways to lose their spare energy because they are not satisfied with daily routine

• - who have artistic ambitions but do not feel themselves comfortable in official trainings or search for different experience

• - who like to be the part of a qualified, amateur culture of art creativity

• - who like to experiment alone or in group to draw new lines into the variegated system of art

• - who like to form international friendships in the field of art

• - who wish for multi-cultural experiences where they can meet unfamiliar worlds and people to know them directly in empirical way

• - who like to get acquainted with creation in reality and are willing to accept reviews, to learn from themselves and others and about themselves and the others too

• - whose existence depends upon open-mindedness and rediscovery; who believe the result is not only the most important thing but the approach is too