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Entry deadline with discount participation fee:


15 July, 2015
(after this date you should pay the full price)







Luca Dömötör and Lili Raubinek



What we do: We recommend this workshop to everyone who - thru the language of movement - wants to think and work together via the theme of CONNECTION. As it is really a wide topic, it can offer many different ideas. We will bring in our thoughts, but would like to work with using the groups common interests and make a 20 min. composition for the last day of the workshop.
Four big parts will lead us to examine every piece of the theme. The parts are: guided improvisation, compositional group work, contact dance and partnering.

The group starts with a min. 6 person. Max. is 15 person.


Date of the workshop:
  4-7 August, 2015

from 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm
Kovács Mansion House - Frontage

Closing Performance
7 August
7:00 pm

Kovács Mansion House - Remise

Conditions for participation:

with discount until 15 July


participation fee
which means free entry for the programmes of Ördögkatlan Festival in Kisharsány only
at cost price (not required)
free space for tent (bring a tent!)

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 (the list is constantly updated)






Júlia Gyetvai and Balázs Sáfrán 


for beginners, advanced and everyone who is interested


 The workshop is free


   Date of the workshop
  4-6 August, 2015


Folk dancers Balázs Sáfrán and Júlia Gyetvai (Csákberény – Losonc) are students of the Hungarian Dance Academy in Budapest.




Their programme may change:


 4 August


afternoon: gipsy dance class


evening programme: Romungro Gipsy Band dance party


 5 August


afternoon: Dance from Gömör


evening: Transsylvanian /Mezőség – Szék, Magyarpalatka, Kis-Küküllő mente – Szászcsávás, Kalotaszeg/ dance

evening programme: Hungarian Dance House with the Fajkusz Band




 6 August


morning Gömör table (Barn) – food and drink tasting, cooking, talks about the shepherd culture in Gömör


guests: Lajos and Margit Mezei traditionalists from Gömör (Borzova) , Gábor Illés ethnographer (Fülek), Zoltán Gyetvai photographer and Julcsi Gyetvai folk dancer (Losonc)



afternoon and evening: Dance from Ghimes and Moldva


evening programme: Ghimes and Moldavian Chango Dance House

music: Róbert Kerényi and friends (Mihály Dresch, Grátzy Benke, etc.)

And Moldavian chango traditionalists: András Hodorog (flute), Pável and Paulina Benke(dance)









 Emerencia Bányász




 Emerencia Bányász from Gyergyó creates a special mixture of poetry and excercise based on tradition and environmental thinking.


Meadow fitness or Bio fitness…

Only a few years ago, i realized that i live my life by negative schemas. We are surrended by our problems and also with other people's drama. We can easily think, that it is all right, but it's nice to make all those problems disappear! We can choose from plenty of tools to change the way we live our life, so let's pick one and make a new start! By using those tools, we have the opportunity to sanctify our divine creative ability.
So, what is the connection between mowing and literature?
We are the ones, who connect them, of course.
Important views: you don't need money for it, you are in a healthy environment, by night you are filled with the joy of work and last but not least, the common joy creates a great community.
Experience: - a few times, with my family we've invited our friend's children to teach them how to use the scythe and also to have fun together. As there is no electricity there, they had to leave their technical stuff at home, so I told them to bring books to spend valuable time. They were sceptic at first, but by the time they started to enjoy reading, also reading the stories out loud. They loved it!
Culture and manual labor fructify each other.
The balance between them is very important!
Nowadays there is a distance between culture and manual labor. With bio fitness, we would like to make an example how to find that balance again.

This is cultivation of life! - including to maintain the scenery, the culture and our body.



   Date of the workshop
  6-7 August, 2015

early afternoon


Conditions for participation

the workshop is free

we try to collect as much scythe as we can from the village, but it is an advantage if you bring your own scythe

the workshop can work at ease with 5-10 person, but if it is needed we can develop turns as well


further application is required via e-mail or at the venue

further information:

Jenő Hartyándi