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Foto: Szabolcs HUSZ

The camp in 2006, leaded by a talented member of the young Hungarian photographer generation, brought a great leap forward in the care of the young talents, either in theoretical or in practical views. But here we have to mention also the PASSPORT CONTROL 1. – International Film and Photo Workshop during the MEDIAWAVE Festival ’2006 because this camp was based on the results of this workshop. In this camp Transylvanian- and Upper Hungarian, Slovenian and native Hungarian young photographers took parts. You can find a selected collection of their works on the next website: http://www.mediawavefestival.hu/passport/en/image/tid/92 They show the high level of the artistic work. Among others, in this camp was taken the picture which serves as a basis of the MEDIAWAVE ’2007-poster. This photo is one of the works of a young Transylvanian photographer from Csíkszereda, Izolda Péter. Representative film selections and photo exhibitions were organized in the following places:
/MEDIAWAVE International Summer Artistic Camp 2006./
- Budapest, Hungarian Youth and Student Filmfestival, 25-30 August 2006
- Miskolc, CINEMIS Young Film-makers’ International Filmfestival, 8-12 October 2006
- Szombathely, Transdanubian Alternative and Independent Filmfestival, 15-17 October 2006
- Nagyvárad, Partium Christian University, 20-29 November 2006
- Székesfehérvár, „Leather-Factory” Festival, 26-27 December 2006
- Győr, Rómer House, 27 December 2006 – 30 January 2007
- Budapest, Szimpla, MEDIAWAVE Club, 12 February – 15 April 2007

You can apply for the Passport Control 2.-International Photo Workshop with sending 10 photos in e-mail, for participants of age under 30.

Based on the received photos the professional and recognized members of the jury will select the applicants, for example: Gabriella Csizek, Radu Igazság, Péter Szabó, and as representatives of the organizers Jenő Hartyándi and Attila Nagy will select.
The MEDIAWAVE Foundation is the legal owner and the potential distributor of the photos taken during the workshop but every photographer can apply to competitions or exhibits with these products without special permission. It is requested however to indicate the place and the date of the production and the name of the workshop, as well!

Deadline of the application: 20 March 2007 (possible earlier) 

idegles@gmail.com szekelyadel@mediawave.hu